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Health & Fitness - Beware the Vitamin Robbers

A vitamin robber can be something we touch, or consume, that prevents one's body absorbing or utilising particular vitamins inside diet, or that might deplete vitamins already kept in our bodies. Four major vitamin robbers are their effects are discussed below.

Medications In the UK every year you will find around 80 million prescriptions for painkillers and million prescriptions for antibiotics alone. Most people are mindful of taking medications, whether prescription if not more the counter, could potentially cause negative effects, which can be things like nausea or perhaps a dry mouth. Most people are unaware that taking medications can rob their body of significant nutrients. The ingredient in aspirin and lots of other painkillers is salicylic acid which then causes damage to the gut wall which weakens the illness fighting capability and burns up vitamins which can be required for a suitable disease fighting capability, by way of example vitamin C. It has an adverse relation to B complex vitamins with the minerals calcium and potassium. Medications should be detoxified with all the liver which depletes the nutrients used inside detoxification process. The contraceptive pill depletes your body of B complex vitamins, vitamin C, Vitamin and folate. Antibiotics destroy the truly great bowel bacteria which produce B vitamins and vitamin K and they also cause stress towards the sickness fighting capability, depleting the nutrients that provide the condition fighting capability. Antacids deplete vitamin A and vitamin B. Diuretics cause losses of water soluble vitamins and laxatives deplete surplus fat soluble vitamins.

Stress Most people, especially in Western societies, have problems with some degree of stress as part of their everyday lives. The body in a situation of stress burns up many nutrients in the discharge of stress hormones and glucose created to prepare your body for ‘flight or fight’. The main vitamins depleted are vitamin C plus the B vitamin complex in addition to a quantity of minerals. Just one angry outburst can deplete your body's vitamin C stores. Repeated often every day or coping with a lasting state of stress can leave people severely without nutrients. Also, when our bodies is inside the stressful state, digestion and absorption of the meals are disrupted therefore, the nutrients having to b replaced is typically not also absorbed. Intense exercise and competition will also be stressful for one's body and deplete your body of nutrients.

Air The growing industrialisation world wide has meant more industry, more cars and planes all generating toxic emissions that join the surroundings we breathe. The most common pollutants are nitrogen oxides from vehicle exhaust emissions and burning processes, hydrocarbons from engine fuel evaporations, exhaust and industrial emissions, sulphur dioxide from vehicle emissions and power stations, PM10s from diesel exhaust emissions, chimney emissions and open fires, ozone caused with all the reaction of sunlight on exhaust fumes, deadly carbon monoxide from exhaust emissions. The pollutants inhaled from the air cause toxin harm to one's body and thus deplete the antioxidant nutrients by way of example vitamins A, C and E plus the nutrients important to manufacture antioxidant enzymes. Exercising in elements of high pollution increases the toxic load to cause higher degrees of nutrient depletion.

Tobacco Despite numerous campaigns highlighting the potential health risks of smoking, inside UK we smoke around 75 billion cigarettes each and every year. Cigarette smoke contains many substances which might be damaging to health, just like the toxic mineral cadmium. Smoking creates massive toxin damage within one's body, requiring and ultizing inside antioxidant nutrients, Vitamins A, C and E plus the nutrients that make antioxidant enzymes. Each cigarette depletes our bodies of 25mg of vitamin C, across the third inside the RDA, leaving smokers very deficient on this vitamin. Non smokers handling smokers or visiting smoky places can also be vulnerable to vitamin C depletion. Smoking also creates an acid environment within your body. To neutralise the acid, calcium and phosphorus are lost inside bones, which increases the chance of osteoporosis.

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